Dirty golf cart batteries

Another Friend Ends Up On The Losing Side Of A Good Deal On A Golf Cart!

Weekly, We See or Hear About “The Good Deal” Supposedly of a Friend or Neighbor That Ends up Not Being Such a Good Deal When Discovering How Much The Repairs Are Going to Cost in Order to be Able to Use The Golf Cart.

Another sucker, I mean well intentioned person joins the group of disappointed individuals who thought they were getting a steal of a deal after purchasing a cheap golf cart. Their disappointment comes from the repair cost of what it’s going to take to get the golf car running in order to be able to use it. The sad thing is the deal was made from a friend or a friend of a friend or a co-worker and a neighbor, you know, “it’s someone they can trust”. 

Folks, let me give you a good piece of advice. If it sounds too good to be true, then it’s probably too good too be true. We see this time after time. A person or couple will come to our dealership and look at some of our golf cars on the lot and are sticker shocked. A good number of them just can’t believe they are three thousand dollars and up. “For a golf cart?” shockingly they remark. In their minds they have a perceived value verses the realistic market value of what a golf car should cost.

A very significant number have a budget between one to two thousand dollars that they want to spend on their new toy. I am here to help you realize that they are looking for a needle in a hay stack. “There out there” exclaim some individuals talking about a good deal on a cheap golf cart. Uh huh! We see these “good deals on a cheap cart” on a weekly basis. We see the disappointed looks on the faces of people who spent fifteen hundred dollars on an older cart just to find out its going to cost another thousand to fix it in order for them to use it. And now, they’ll have twenty five hundred dollars in an older year model golf car that they’ll never get back out of it. But…it was a cheap cart.

Dirty golf cart batteries

Dirty golf cart batteries


Let’s ponder something together for a moment, shall we?

The average golf car charger costs about two to three hundred dollars. Most batteries whether six or eight volt cost around one hundred dollars each times six batteries in the golf car. Therefor, we have about a thousand dollars just in the batteries and battery charger. What do you think you’re getting when you buy a cart for under two thousand dollars? If it works at all I can almost tell you it will need a new set of batteries. We had one the other day in our service department that needed new batteries, battery cables, and a whole new front end including the steering box. The customer paid nine hundred dollars for the cart.

Yep, he bought it from a friend. He “got a good deal” didn’t he? What makes matters worse is its an early 1980’s model. The whole front end including tie rods and spindles, steering column and the steering box are shot, worn out. Hey folks, he drove it in. The golf cart works! We valued it at four hundred dollars for trade in on a newer model cart. Sorry about that. If you would have bought one from a reputable dealer like us you would have a year model 2010 or newer with warrant able batteries and be driving your new investment. But our car was over three thousand and the one he bought was only nine hundred bucks. He got a good deal on a cheap cart, didn’t he?

On the home page of our site we have an article to help people who are shopping for a golf cart.

On the home page of our sister site (BestBuyGolfCarts.com) we have an article to help people out who are shopping for a golf cart. I have listed multiple things for you to look for when out and about searching for one of those “good deals”, especially from ones listed on Craig’s List. Beware of Craig’s List. It’s a double edged sword. There are good deals and then there are the plentiful good steals when they take advantage of good hard working individuals who didn’t know any better. Again, beware of purchasing things from Craig’s List listings.

When you look at this list, know that everyone of those items you need to be concerned with we have dealt with on our units that we have on our lot. Beware of the cheap carts folks. They’re cheap for a reason or costly reasons. When in doubt, check it out. You could pay a dealership to inspect your potential investment. Most dealerships have a valuation fee where they will inspect the cart and list any repairs or parts replacement costs that need to be done to the golf cart. The seventy dollars might save you from buying one of those “good deals” on a cheap cart and prevent you from joining the group of the disappointed who thought they were getting a good deal. Read more and find very helpful information about golf carts on our sister site. (BestBuyGolfCarts.com)

Let us know if we can be of help. Email me with any questions concerning your golf cart issues at: Michael@Bestbuygolfcarts.com or give us a call @ (904)284-5300 or 1-855-227-8727 Check out our site: www.bestbuygolfcarts.com If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for our free newsletter for golf cart tips and free how to s in caring for your golf cart. In addition there will be notifications of sale items and discount coupons to use at our store.

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