The cheapest price is your best deal ?

“Get your cheapest deal here”, “Nobody beats our low, low prices” or “ we’ll beat anybody's price” , yada, yada, yada. Everywhere we look. Bulletin boards, newspaper ads, television, magazines and such. We get in the car and the radio isn’t on for 5 minutes and here comes some business blasting one of these sayings at us. But is the cheapest price always going to be your best deal? I think not.

 I want to use one example that we see at our golf cart dealership every week. A customer brings in his golf cart for us    to diagnose a malfunction in his golf cart’s performance. He just “knows it’s not the batteries because” he bought them just a little over a year ago. After filling out the work order and exchanging salutations we take the golf cart around to the service area.

Later one of our techs diagnoses the cart and discovers that 1-3 of the batteries will be weak or unable to be charged to their maximum capacity. Now imagine that conversation when Bob or John calls the customer with an estimate for a new set of batteries. Because of the nature of batteries increasing in age as well as increasing resistance to current flow whenever there is more than one battery involved you have to change them all. If you don’t, the new battery or batteries will not last very long for they carry the load because the current flows through them much easier than the older batteries involved. Even though the older batteries may check good!

In this example let’s say the customer bought brand “I” which were $79.98 and came with a 6 month warranty. Now 1&1/2 years later with the warranty being expired he needs to replace them again. The costs involve the diagnostic fee, the batteries, the labor to replace the batteries and the different State taxes as well. Roughly $671.00 And now he has to spend that again and let’s just say for the purpose of this example that the cheaper price batteries are going to last another 2 years before needing service. That’s &1342.00 in battery cost for him to use his golf cart for 3&1/2 to 4 years. Agree?

Now when he needed batteries the first time let’s calculate how much he would spend if he had purchase the “man that’s ridiculous” price. We hear it all folks! God bless Bob and John for their ability to let the smart a—, rude things that come out of a customers mouth to roll off and not stick in their craw! Any ways, let’s say that he bought the top brand “T” batteries which come with a 2 year warranty at $97.98 per battery. The same costs apply: batteries, diagnostic fee, labor to replace the batteries and The State taxes. Now he’s spending $787.00.

That’s $116.00 more than the cheapest priced batteries if you and I do our math the same way. Let me explain how the more expensive brand “T’ were this customer’s best deal. It has been our experience to witness that brand “T” batteries average  between 4-7 years of service before needing replacement. For our example’s sake let’s use 4 years. Buying brand “I”  batteries cost $1342.00 to use his golf cart for 4 years plus the down time and inconvenience of taking the golf cart in for service.

If he would have bought the better batteries that cost more he would have only spent $787.00 for 4 years of uninterrupted golf cart usage. Folks that’s a $555.00 difference. Brand “T” is obviously the customer’s best deal even though it is not the cheaper price at the original purchase time. This same truth applies to just about anything that we buy from shirts to shoes, to furniture to tires on our cars. Remember that the cheapest price is not necessarily going to be your best deal!.

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Michael Rosenbarker | Best Buy Golf Carts

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