Golf Cart Performance | Golf Cart Tire Air Pressure

25%, really? You're telling me that the air pressure inflation of my golf cart tires can effect the performance of the golf cart up to 25%! Nope, not me, I didn't say that but Ezgo did! You never think about the air pressure in your golf cart tire on a regular basis. Usually it’s a little to late for the damage is done by the time we notice something is wrong with the way the golf cart is handling. While I was on hold for Ezgo’s technical department the phone system auto attendant was playing technical tid bits while I was waiting. One of them kind of took me by surprise. Ezgo stated that improper air pressure in the golf cart’s tire could effect the golf cart’s performance as much as 25%! I found that to be incredible. 25%! Wow! The average factory installed golf cart tire is 18X8.50X8 respectively. Depending on the ride that you are after the air pressure ranges from 18 psi for a softer ride up to 22 psi for a harder ride. The softer ride will result in a slower speed that most individuals do not notice. The higher pressure will not absorb the humps and bumps as well, however the golf cart will travel a little faster along with the harder ride.

Just a note of warning to you speed demons reading this: do not over inflate the tires for greater speed! This is extremely dangerous and can lead to terrible consequences to you, your golf cart and your golf cart tires! Let me know if I can be of help to you. Email me with any questions concerning your golf cart issues at: or give us a call @ (904)284-5300. Check out our site:  Be sure to sign up for our free newsletter for golf cart tips and free how to s. In addition there will be notifications of sale items and discount coupons to use at our store. Best Buy Golf Carts is also on Face Book and Twitter . Please visit, join, like, & follow us when you’re there. I also have an additional blog. My personal blog: See you next time. Until then, get out there and enjoy your golf cart. After all that’s what you bought it for! Michael Rosenbarker | Best Buy Golf Carts About The Company: Best Buy Golf Carts has been in business in the Jacksonville and Green Cove Springs area since 1976 and supplies golf cart parts and accessories throughout the United States. Specializing in resolving golf cart electrical issues, Best Buy Golf Carts also sells new and pre-owned golf carts, golf cart parts and accessories, and builds customized carts. They are the areas only authorized Trojan & Powertron battery dealer as well as an authorized Nivel dealer. Visit their large show room to view pre-owned factory type and custom golf carts as well as their stocked parts room with some of the lowest prices on golf cart parts and golf cart accessories. Best Buy Golf Carts: your golf cart Super Store is pleased to have some of the lowest prices on golf cart parts around and takes pride in having some of the cheapest prices on golf cart accessories without compromising quality. Outlet store prices, oem type quality. Best Buy Golf Carts: North Florida’s golf cart Super Store!   (904)284-5300