5-Things-Battery-book by Michael K. Rosenbarker

Informative Book On Golf Cart Batteries That Every Golf Cart Owner Will Benefit From.

A must have battery guide that every golf cart owner should read. This book was written with electrical powered golf cart owners in mind. It answers many questions and concerns that have been asked over and over again by golf cart owners at our dealership. This is the perfect gift and will greatly benefit anyone who owns an electric golf cart. The money saved by the knowledge contained in this book will pay for the book over and over again for years to come.

Helpful Book On Caring For Your Golf Cart Batteries by Michael K. Rosenbarker from Best Buy Golf Carts on Vimeo. The inside information in this book will benefit the golf cart owner by helping them in extending the life of their golf cart’s batteries. There are five chapters included in the book of which the first two cover:

Chapter One:   Every Golf Cart Owner Must Know The Age of Their Batteries
Knowing The Age Of The Batteries Will Give You Valuable Information About The Service Life & Performance Of The Golf Car

Chapter Two:   Every Golf Cart Owner Must Know The Proper Fluid Level In Their Golf Cart’s Batteries
Allowing The Batteries To Go Dry Is The Number One Reason For Golf Cart Battery Replacement.

Trade secrets revealed will save the cost of this book many times over. There are three additional chapters encompassing over 30 pages of extremely helpful information born out of real life experiences from a golf cart dealership with numerous service calls and battery related repairs. This book can be purchased in cd or paperback from from our store at 3293 US Hwy 17, Green Cove Springs, Fl 32043 (904)284-5300 or (904)328-3200

The Secrets The Pros Use Are
Revealed In This Must Have Book!

5 Secrets Every Golf Cart owner Needs To Know About Their Golf Cart's Batteries

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