You Can’t Place Very Many Extra Electrical Accessories On Gas Golf Carts

You Can’t Place Very Many Extra Electrical Accessories On Gas Golf Carts

You can’t place very much electrical demands on the original small cranking battery of  gas golf carts. The small battery and generator were just not designed to accommodate very many electrical devices. We just came to the pain staking realization to this fact. Nothing like the school of hard knocks to teach us something that we already know. As many years we have been in the dc electrical rotating industry, you would think I would have known better. You can’t add very many electrical demands to a system that was originally designed to start the engine and power up head and tail lights. That is all about the battery and starter generator was designed to handle.


We built a beautiful custom gas golf cart with the Florida Gators color scheme. The customer wanted something  special. He had us install a nice ceiling fan to keep him cool. In addition we placed one of those high intensity light bars on the front of the top. And what custom golf cart would be complete without a nice sound system?


In doing it up right we also installed a complete lighting system with head, tail, brake and turn signal lights as well as an electric horn. Well now, you wouldn’t want someone to steal your pride possession so we also installed a security system with key fobs. And then after taking the custom cart home he added another goody: programmable musical horn!


I didn’t catch it at first. A few weeks after he had the cart he brought it in for service “because the battery must be bad.” The battery was dead and not allowing the golf cart to start. Our tech installed another battery and confirmed for me that the generator and charging system were working just fine. We gave him a call and off to the races he went. He really did go off to the races. He is a Nascar fan and took his cart with him to the Daytona 500.

After about another couple of months here it is ground hog day all over again.

The merry go round did just that. After about another couple of months here it is ground hog day all over again. The cart is back, the customer is frustrated and this dealer is a little frustrated as well. Now I become involved for if being involved with repairing things my entire career has taught me one thing, it is this: when you have a problem and the part you changed did not fix the issue than chances are that part wasn’t the problem. Most people do not grasp that concept. Instead, they think they were sold a defective part and replace it again and experience the same results. And after the second or third attempt they listen to the part supplier reason with them that they have a different problem that requires additional if not professional diagnosing.

I now have a hunch that the first battery we changed was probably not defective. We charged the battery and rechecked the charging system, which was fine, plenty in range of specs. Next we installed an ammeter in line to check for excessive parasitic loads (battery drain). fifty milliamps. There it is, there’s our problem. Between the memory of the stereo, security system and his musical horn we had fifty milliamps sucking the life out of that little cranking battery of the golf cart.

Fifty milliamps will drain down an automotive battery in over a weeks time.

Fifty milliamps would suck our gas golf cart’s battery down in a matter of one day! Ok, so now what? How do we resolve this issue? The customer wants to keep all of his electrical goodies. This fat ole dealer wants to stop spending money working gratuitously on the customer’s cart. The proper fix would have been to install a larger battery with more reserve capacity minutes like a twelve volt golf cart battery. We would have placed it inside of a battery box which we would have mounted in the rear bag well and then run cables from it to our cranking battery. And the power supplies for the electrical goodies would then be placed on the reserve battery.

However, Mr. customer refused to spend any additional money on the golf cart. After all, it was our fault. We should have known better than to install accessories on a golf cart that the cart wasn’t designed to operate. (You can bet I won’t let that happen again!). So what do we do now? Here’s the secondary not so expensive resolution to the problem. We installed a continuous duty twelve volt solenoid which is activated with the key switch off the battery. When the key is off, the drain of the electrical accessories is off. The only side effect of this fix is the inability of the stereo system to maintain any preset radio stations. This was no big deal to the customer because he didn’t listen to it anyways? What????? Why have it? He must be related to my wife. They have things with no purpose other then to look at them.

There are many things in our home that I humorously refer to as “look it things”. You don't sit on them, no, no, you don't place anything on them, they are just for decoration. They enhance the setting of the room. They are nice decorative things that you don't touch, nor use, you just admire them. It's a... look it thing. Apparently the stereo was a “look it thing” for the owner.

Anyway, that is how we resolved his golf cart’s battery problem. What can we take away from this experience? I think that gas golf cart’s electrical systems from the factory are able to handle the starting and running of the engine and sporadic surges such as an electric dump bed. However, unless you are willing to upgrade the battery reserve system I wouldn’t advise installing any more electrical accessories within the exception of maybe head and tail lights. Once you go beyond that you will more than likely suffer the “batteryitis bug” and think that the golf cart’s battery is bad. That’s my take, What’s yours?

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