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You Can’t Place Very Many Extra Electrical Accessories On Gas Golf Carts

You Can’t Place Very Many Extra Electrical Accessories On Gas Golf Carts

You can’t place very much electrical demands on the original small cranking battery of  gas golf carts. The small battery and generator were just not designed to accommodate very many electrical devices. We just came to the pain staking realization to this fact. Nothing like the school of hard knocks to teach us something that we already know. As many years we have been in the dc electrical rotating industry, you would think I would have known better. You can’t add very many electrical demands to a system that was originally designed to start the engine and power up head and tail lights. That is all about the battery and starter generator was designed to handle. Continue reading

Dirty golf cart batteries

Another Friend Ends Up On The Losing Side Of A Good Deal On A Golf Cart!

Weekly, We See or Hear About “The Good Deal” Supposedly of a Friend or Neighbor That Ends up Not Being Such a Good Deal When Discovering How Much The Repairs Are Going to Cost in Order to be Able to Use The Golf Cart.

Another sucker, I mean well intentioned person joins the group of disappointed individuals who thought they were getting a steal of a deal after purchasing a cheap golf cart. Their disappointment comes from the repair cost of what it’s going to take to get the golf car running in order to be able to use it. The sad thing is the deal was made from a friend or a friend of a friend or a co-worker and a neighbor, you know, “it’s someone they can trust”.  Continue reading

The Battery Charge Doesn’t Last Long In My Golf Cart | Charges Effect The Battery Minutes.

The battery charge on an electric golf cart is designed to go comfortably for about 12 miles. That is sufficient to play 36 holes of golf before you need to recharge! The golf cart manufacturers design the electrical system for this purpose. Changes effect the battery minutes usage...

Continue reading

Golf Cart Performance | Golf Cart Tire Air Pressure

25%, really? You're telling me that the air pressure inflation of my golf cart tires can effect the performance of the golf cart up to 25%! Nope, not me, I didn't say that but Ezgo did! You never think about the air pressure in your golf cart tire on a regular basis. Usually it’s a little to late for the damage is done by the time we notice something is wrong with the way the golf cart is handling. While I was on hold for Ezgo’s technical department the phone system auto attendant was playing technical tid bits while I was waiting. One of them kind of took me by surprise. Ezgo stated that improper air pressure in the golf cart’s tire could effect the golf cart’s performance as much as 25%! I found that to be incredible. 25%! Wow! The average factory installed golf cart tire is 18X8.50X8 respectively. Depending on the ride that you are after the air pressure ranges from 18 psi for a softer ride up to 22 psi for a harder ride. The softer ride will result in a slower speed that most individuals do not notice. The higher pressure will not absorb the humps and bumps as well, however the golf cart will travel a little faster along with the harder ride. Continue reading

The cheapest price is your best deal ?

“Get your cheapest deal here”, “Nobody beats our low, low prices” or “ we’ll beat anybody's price” , yada, yada, yada. Everywhere we look. Bulletin boards, newspaper ads, television, magazines and such. We get in the car and the radio isn’t on for 5 minutes and here comes some business blasting one of these sayings at us. But is the cheapest price always going to be your best deal? I think not. Continue reading