Why did the battery terminal melt on my golf cart battery?

Why Did The Battery Terminal Melt On My Golf Cart’s Battery?

Why Did The Battery Terminal Melt On My Golf Cart’s Battery?

Why Did The Battery Terminal Melt On My Golf Cart’s Battery? This is a question that we get asked at the dealership quite a bit. And running neck and neck a close second is: “is this covered under warranty?”

Melted Battery Terminal

There have been more than one individual who has been extremely disappointed with the correct “official answer” of no. This is a topic that many words have been used about, both verbal and written. I have covered this subject in numerous articles and in both of my books.

The battery terminal post that the battery cable attaches to consists of a stainless steel post encapsulated in lead material which in turn attaches to the internal parts (cell plates) of the battery. It is the source for transference of current to and from the battery. The importance of our comprehension bears repeating that again. The battery cable to battery post is the source for transference of current to and from the battery.

The battery cable to battery post is the source for transference of current to and from the battery.

Melted Battery Post

Just think with me for a moment of how much current a standard two passenger golf cart requires to begin the motion and movement of the golf car. Now add to that a couple of pleasingly plump individuals as myself. I am not exaggerating when I calculate that can exceed amperage draws of over a couple hundred amps of current. Now add a rear passenger seat and guess how much current we need to haul four people or as my teenager calls them “your peeps”!

And if that’s not enough current for the battery connections we really put them thru the ringer because we all want high lifted golf carts with humongous wheels which now the golf cart really no longer resembles a golf cart and we load four “peeps” on it and we want to go really fast and we want to go NOW! NOW requires multiple hundreds of amps forcing thru those connections thru the controller and down the drive cables to the drive motor. And all this happens every time you place your foot into the accelerator pedal.

Again, “The battery cable to battery post is the source for transference of current to and from the battery.” This connection is not just a source with others to aid. No, no. It is the only connection to and from the system and the battery. It is extremely critical that this connection remains clean AND properly torqued. At our dealership we have discovered that most people pay more attention to how their golf cart looks than they do how it operates.


It still amazes me of how many individuals who will have a melted or burnt clear off battery post stand at our counter and declare their virgin innocence of no knowledge that they were suppose to clean and properly torque and maintain that torque for their battery cable connections. We have this information on every invoice we have. It is all in caps and bold print and our reps usually will highlight this info as well! The battery cable connections are very, very, very,… critical. So critical that they remain clean and properly tightened that when they are not, damage occurs!

Folks I have written a short five chapter book that explains how to take care of the golf cart’s batteries. It cost a couple of pennies less than six bucks. We have a stack of them sitting on our counter at the checkout. When we sell a set of batteries we recommend that the customer buy the book in order to take care of their batteries to get the most out of their six to seven hundred dollar investment.


I am safe to say that nine out of ten flip thru the pages and set it back down and say “no thanks”. And yet some of these people are the very ones that will need help with a battery issue within the next six to nine months. I just smile. What else can I do. I just finished taken their monies of six to seven hundred dollars and I know that some of these do it your selfers are not going to properly torque their battery cable connections and I KNOW that some of them are going to be standing at the counter again with a ruined, non warrantable hundred dollar battery because of it. Again, I just smile at their ???? , whatever. My conscience made me change the word I used. You can fill in the question marks!


It is important to understand that if you leave the connection too loose or to dirty it will lead to resistance and that resistance leads to heat and then excessive heat which in turn destroys the connection. IN addition, if you over tighten the connection you will either stretch the threads or you will begin to literally pull the post out of the lead which will lead to a loose connection which leads to resistance which leads to heat which, well you get the idea.

Most manufacturers suggest that the torque required for the five sixteenths stud connection is between eighty five to one hundred and five inch pounds. It is easy to find out from the manufacturer what their particular brand requires. Trust me, they want you to know. They want you to properly torque the battery cable to battery stud connections. It saves them the time of answering emails and phone calls from disgruntled customers that have melted or burned off terminals from “should be warranted” batteries. Here’s a pic of one of the inch pound torque wrenches that we use.


You can purchase one of these just about anywhere hand tools are sold. Harbor Freight has these for less than thirty dollars. Thirty dollars! you say. Well, what’s one new battery cost? Don’t be like the ???? (you fill in the blank) customers that stand at our counter spending seven hundred dollars plus for batteries and chinch out on a six dollar book that will teach them the proper way to take care of their batteries in order to get the most out of their investment!!!

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I just had to share this pic with you. This cart was just in for service due to it not running. I told one of the techs that I needed to snap a pic for I was blogging about this very issue. Check out the corrosion and battery cable connections. Look at the new cable that was installed by someone. Precious amperage is lost via voltage drop thru every inch that the current has to travel. When it comes to battery cables on a golf cart, “less is more” and yes shorter is better!

Folks we see this everyday! Everyday! Do yourself a huge favor a buy one of my books and learn how to take care of your golf cart’s batteries. The info to buy is included later in this article. As well as a copy of one of my books also purchase an inch pound torque wrench. It only takes a minute or two at the most. Once every two to three months check the proper tightness of your golf cart’s battery cable connections. It will be worth your time, talent and treasure, I guarantee it!!!  :0) MKR

Let us know if we can be of help. Email me with any questions concerning your golf cart issues at: Michael@Bestbuygolfcarts.com and I will make an attempt to help where I can. Please keep in mind that we can only offer limited and generic information for liability reasons.


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