Here’s how to tell if you’re getting good deals on golf carts. Part 1

Here’s how to tell if you’re getting good deals on golf carts.

It happened again this past Saturday at our Ponte Vedra / Nocatee store. Its not unusual for this to happen really. You see I own a golf cart dealership in North Florida, now with two locations. We hear this every week from some well intentioned people who thought or felt that they were getting a good deal on a golf cart just to discover after words that they had been taken advantage of. Some unintentional, but most of them down right deceived!

They had paid premiere money for an older cart that needed repairs and batteries and is a series type which is only going to go about 11 to 14 mph top speed without investing a bunch of money in order for it to go faster. While they were there buying batteries they saw one of the 2011 year model Txt’s sitting in the showroom. Curiosity took over and they asked me about the price of the golf cart. It was a sad event watching their reaction as I stated the year and features of the newer style cart verses the older series cart that they had bought.

Oh dear, dear… !

The more I explained the more wrinkles of grief I witnessed in their expressions of disappointment. When they felt they were getting a good deal on a golf cart they now knew that they had made a major mistake. The bad thing is that they had been taken to the cleaners by a guy that sells golf carts out of his garage as a hobby. And of course because of this the purchase was on a one way street with no chances of turning around. You know, you buy it, its yours type of deal. But they thought and felt that they were getting a good deal on a golf cart.

They would have been better off getting a golf cart here…

And then I heard the words that we have heard many of times with out any rejoicing on our part (for most people, not the arrogant ones, they deserved to be taken), “we should have bought one from you” or “we would have been better off getting a golf cart here”. So I ask you folks why do you do this? Why do people pay more money for a much lesser value golf cart from anyone not associated with a reputable dealership? Why do you pay your hard earned money for a golf cart that you know nothing about and without a warranty from someone that you’ll probably never see again?


And just what is “a good deal on a golf cart”? Different people define good deals in different ways. For some well intentioned souls a good deal is their cheapest price that they can find. I have a close family member who will spend hours upon hours of precious time and dollars and burn up gallons of gas in order to save five bucks. Incredible!  To others, a good deal on a golf cart would be what they perceive to be a good deal based on comps that they have looked at while searching for their good deal on a golf cart.

And still yet there are some who understand that quality, warranty, future contact and tech support are all part of the value of their purchase. The best value is often times more then not your cheapest price. It seems as if we are in a society that cares nothing about quality nor warranty until what they buy malfunctions or breaks. The quality on many of the products that we buy is so bad that we will pay extra money for an extended service plan or buy extended warranties in order to have a sense of security! That way when it breaks we’ll be covered. Think about that. Seriously, think about that for a time…

So how do I tell if I am getting a good deal on a golf cart? We’ll cover that in the second part of this blog. We will take a look at some of the things we need to consider as we are shopping for “our good deal on a golf cart”. I know that you will benefit greatly from the material we are going to be covering. See you then. Michael

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